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CONTAMINATION Contamination is more than just a game. Not only will it test your reflexes but it will stretch your mind as you embark on the most dramatic simulation in the history of mankind. Your task is complex. Unknown viruses have been spreading throughout the globe at an alarming rate. The death toll is rising out of control. You have been elected to the post of head of the World Health Organisation and the fate of mankind rests with you and your team of scientists. You will have every assistance from the governments of the world. Time is running out - can you save the world from total "contamination"? Other titles available in the French Collection from PSS/ERE include: "GET DEXTER !" DOMSDAY BLUES MACADAM BUMPER PACIFIC For full details send a S.A.E. to PSS, French Collection, 452 Stoney Stanton Rd, Coventry, CV6 5DG. Author: J.P. Le Clezio Graphics: Michel Rho Music: M. Olivier Story: R. Humpheau See over for full instructions ****IMPORTANT NOTICE**** Although each effective antivirus is not identical to its virus, the laws of nature are logical. To Load: Use the command shown on the cassette or disk label. Level 1 : Beginner Level 2 : Professional We advise that you have a pencil and paper handy whilst playing Contamination in order that you can note the composition of each virus for which your research team is looking for the antivirus. 1. CONTROLS All the game is played using the arrow keys and Enter or the joystick and fire button. Exceptions: Typing in antivirus names (max 7 letters) Quit antivirus creation using ESC key Freeze game using A key Freeze release using R key The F key will finish a game and start a new simulation. 2. CONTROL CENTRE COMMANDS Select the required action using the arrow brackets on the icons. Move up to the map to make the command box appear on the region to be treated. When you have chosen a region, press the Enter key or fire button and the selected action will be performed. Moving the command box down to the bottom of the map will take you into "Choice of Action" mode. 3. LABORATORY RESEARCH PROGRAMS Arrow keys Enter or Keyboard or Joystick Fire button ----------------------------------------------------------- | Vertical | Validation | | |---------------+--------------------+ Quit using | | Chase the | Pick up or | ESC | | amino acid | release an | | | elements | element | | ----------------------------------------------------------- TO PLAY In the underground headquarters of WHO, you have a powerful central control computer collating all the information from local centres and transmitting orders to those centres all over the planet. On the world map, a sign indicates the start of a new epidemic. You must immediately choose one of the 5 icon options: Symbol Flask Collect a virus sample and send it to the laboratory. "No entry" sign Put a cordon sanitaire around the infected area. Flame Launch a "Scorched Earth" operation. Magnifying glass Analyse the area. Mushroom cloud As a last resort detonate a bomb which will destroy all human life and the virus. CONSEQUENCES OF EACH OPTION: Virus Sample: Takes you to the laboratory and puts a new computer linked to a microscope at your disposal. See research Lab. Programs for more details. Cordon Sanitaire: Will slow down the spread of the epidemic but will not stop its local growth. Its effect is only shortlived and is unpopular as the local population do not like their movements to be restrained. The cordon sanitaire will buy you time however, whilst testing a new antivirus. Scorched Earth: Much more brutal on the population, but has a durable effect on the spread of the epidemic. Bomb: Extremely efficient at destroying the virus, but could lead to your resignation. Analyse Territory: Allows you to know the state of the regions. All the information will appear on the control board except the name of the region. Pressing the fire button/enter will give the region name. Control Board ------------------------------------- | Region state indicators | | - Cordon sanitaire in place | | - Scorched earth zone | | - Region destroyed | | - Contaminated zone. | -----------------T------------------- ------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------- | Regional information: | | | Overall picture: | | - Initial population | | | - CTR: Global state of population | | - Present population | | | control | | - Economic evolution level | | | - POP: Present population of the | | - State of population control | | | planet. | | - Contaminated surface | | | | ------T------------------------------ \ -----------------------------T--------- | \ | | Message display zone-| \ Real time clock-| | ------|-------------------------|--------\-----------------------|---|--------- | | | O \ | O | | |-----|--------+---------------------------\-----------+-------------/--------+ | | | |/--------\|\ --- | / | | O | || || \O --- | ----- /----- | | | |-----|| || --- | | | O | | | | | | ERE |\________/| --- | | | | | | |--------------+---------------------------------------+ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Your decisions ----------------------------- | | | DESTROY SET UP SCORCHED ANALYSE TAKE | | REGION CORDON EARTH TERRITORY SAMPLE | SANITAIRE OPERATION AND LAUNCH SEND TO LABORATORY Initial population: Population prior to epidemic outbreak. Present level population: Current level. Level of evolution: Degree of industrialisation of the area. This parameter influences the rate of propagation of the virus: eg. A Blood propagated virus will spread faster in an industrialised society. A water transmitted virus will spread faster in an underdeveloped country. Control: The state of public opinion to your decisions. Contaminated surface: You are failing ! RESEARCH LABORATORY PROGRAMS: 1. VIRUS IDENTIFICATION: Gives the results of the virus analysis, its virulence, how it spreads and the possible relevant anti-virus. At this stage you can name the virus. 2. ANTI-VIRUS CREATION: Using an electron microscope you have to create an anti virus using amino acid elements from the virus. This is done by picking up an element and taking it to the edge of the screen. An element released on the edge will circulate anti-clockwise. The following elements must be put into contact with the initial one(s) in order to link them. After completing this phase you must experiment to discover the logic of the chain. This logic depends on the propagation methods of the virus and changes each new game. (make notes of your tests). On the provisional treatment report, "Positive" indicates that all the elements in the chain are in the correct place. "Negative" indicates that less than (N-2) elements are correctly placed where "N" equals the number of elements in the virus. 3. EXPERIMENT: Your anti-virus is sent to the laboratory who will give you the results of their work a little later. 4. REGIONAL TREATMENT: You can decide to treat a region without prior testing of the anti-virus, but this is risky. After the decision you will automatically return to the central control mode. 5. RECAP: This program gives you access to the epidemic files where you will find the virus numbers, names (If you have given them) and the anti-virus if one exists. 6. RETURNS YOU TO CENTRAL CONTROL MODE.

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