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Winter Wonderland

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_______________________________________________________________________________ THE MEDALLION ADVENTURE SERIES _______________________________________________________________________________ Winter Wonderland is one of the first in the Medallion Graphic Adventure series. The Medallion adventure award is only given to the very best adventures written using the Graphic Adventure Creator. The Graphic Adventure Creator & Medallion Graphic adventures are available from all leading retailers and also direct from the publishers, Incentive Software Ltd, 2 Minerva House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire RG7 4QW. _______________________________________________________________________________ WINTER WONDERLAND - INTRODUCTION _______________________________________________________________________________ Having studied and practised Anthropology for over 10 years, you had all but given up on your dreams to make some great discovery that would put your name in the history books. Until, that is you received a Telex from your Russian Archeologist friend, Sergio Kirov, currently working in Tibet. In it he claimed to have discovered evidence of a civilisation that had advanced at exactly the same rate as the rest of Mankind, yet totally independent of it. Sergio requested that you come to Tibet as quickly as possible to give your expert advice. Naturally you booked a flight as soon as you could. Landing at Lhasa airport you found that Sergio was not there, but one of the locals told you that he had left a message telling you to meet him at the dig site. As this was on the lower slopes of the Himalayas - easily accessible by aircraft - and you being a competent pilot, you hired a run down Cessna from a small airfield and set off, following Sergio's instructions on how to find the dig. You were, however, in too much of a hurry to check the weather forecast and you soon became caught in a freak snowstorm that took you higher and higher into the mountains. The tiny plane's engine could not cope with the altitude and soon gave up, leaving you flying blind with no engine. Your Mayday calls went unanswered, so you decided to try and land, hoping and praying that you were above flat land. Breaking through the dense cloud cover you were relieved to see a dazzling white snowfield spread below you. Desperately preparing for a crash landing, you were distracted by a glint of sunlight on glass - a building! Could THIS be the lost civilisation? Your attention however was drawn back to the ground hurtling towards you... _______________________________________________________________________________ LOADING INSTRUCTIONS _______________________________________________________________________________ Reset the computer by pressing the CTRL, SHIFT and ESC keys at the same time. Put the cassette into the recorder, then rewind, press the CTRL and small ENTER keys together and then press the recorder's PLAY button followed by any key. The program will run automatically when loaded. _______________________________________________________________________________ PLAYING THE ADVENTURE _______________________________________________________________________________ Upon loading, the computer will show your current predicament and ask you what you wish to do. You can then enter your instructions. Example commands:- * Go North * Take Snowshoes * Give the Icicle to the Shopkeeper * Put the ruby in the box, close it then go east. Some commands can be abbreviated e.g. "N" for "North", "Inv" for "Inventory" etc. Winter Wonderland incorporates a parser which enables you to enter multiple commands separated by "AND", "THEN", a comma or a full stop. The word "It" will be interpreted as the last noun entered e.g. in the above example - it = the box. _______________________________________________________________________________ HELPFUL HINTS _______________________________________________________________________________ * Keep Warm * Don't be too generous * Examine things * Make a map of your travels.

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