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KETTLE Amstrad 26 levels Gameplan Your Kettle is trapped in a complex underground system and you have to break free. There are 30 levels each getting bigger as you progress to higher levels. On loading you are offered two start levels - level 1 and level 4. Should you reach higher than level 4 a third option of this level will be offered as your next start point. To escape from each level you must locate the tin opener hidden in one of the bubble emitting bowels. Collision with bubbles drains energy. Your only protection is your orbiting "Crizza". 10 hits on the bowel (crizza) and this changes to a diamond, one more hit will reveal either a tin opener; an alien; a bonus, an energy giving jug of water. An alien is destroyed by 3 hits of the crizza.. Your split screen view allows you to monitor your opponents progress and to help him, hinder him or if you're clever watch him do all the work then nip in to collect the spoils. Once the tin opener has been collected you move towards the exit, which will open as you approach. In the 2 player mode the 2nd player can follow the player in possession of the tin opener through the already opened exit. To Move Joystick only Use Joystick and fire button or use Keys redefined as Initially set to: Z - L X - R ] - up \ - down Shift - fire Playing Options 2 player mode 1. Just see your own bubbles 2. See both players bubbles a) Kill all bubbles b) Kill your bubbles only 1 player mode 1. One kettle 2. Two kettles a) Kill all bubbles b) Kill your bubbles only Select options by using joystick to move pointer to required option and press fire to accept option. Note Crizza Mode Proceed - doesn't return until fire is released Retreat - Crizza returns to its orbit Points Bowels 1 per hit Aliens 1 per hit Bonus 10-50 points Water 40 or more energy points Opening shoot 50 points Loading Press SHIFT and small ENTER keys

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