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Manual n° 1

;Dots, 07.07.2014 org &6000 ;nolist;-winAPE assembler no showtext ;write direct ;run start start: ; set the screen mode ld a,1 call #bc0e di ;--------------------generate sinus ld hl, unk_63A6 ld de, #7c00*0 ld c, e ld ixl, #10 loc_600F: ld b, 4 loc_6011: xor a rl (hl) rla rl (hl) rla add a, c ld c, a ld (de), a inc e djnz loc_6011 inc hl dec ixl jr nz, loc_600F ld h, d ld l, e loc_6027: ;- add a,a ld (de), a inc e dec l ld a, (hl) jr nz, loc_6027 loc_602D: ld a, (hl) add a,a ld (hl),a neg ld (de), a inc l;de inc e;l jr nz, loc_602D nd: ;hl=0 ld l,h;ld hl,0 ;--2nd table ;; exx ; ld hl,0 ;; ld bc,#0080 ;; ld h,b ;; ld l,b ;; exx sin2lp: push hl ld a,l ld d,a add a,a add a,a ld l,a ld e,(hl) ;; exx ;; add hl,bc ;; ld a,h ;; exx ;; ld l,a srl d ld l,d ld d,(hl) ;-------- A=E*D ------------- LD A,E XOR D AND #80 PUSH AF ld a,e call abs ld e,a ld a,d call abs ld d,a xor a ld b,8 mul8: RR E JR NC,next8;$+3 ADD A,D next8: RRA djnz mul8 ex af,af';EXA POP AF JR Z,ALLPL ex af,af';EXA NEG ex af,af';EXA ALLPL ex af,af';EXA pop hl inc h ld (hl),a dec h inc l jr nz,sin2lp ;--------------------------------------let's build lookup for plot lutplot equ 0+256*2 ;lsb Y ;msb Y ;dispx -X ;bitweightL -X ;bitweightR -X ld h,2;ld hl,lutplot ld de,#C000+16-8 luty: ld (hl),d inc h ld (hl),e dec h ;nextline ex de,hl ; call nline ld a,8 add a,h ld h,a and 64 jr nz,next_l;ret nz ld bc,16304 sbc hl,bc next_l: ex de,hl inc l ; ld a,l ; cp 200 jr nz,luty ;----------now X value ld h,4;ld hl,lutplot+512 ld b,l;ld b,0 lutx: ld d,#80;;ld de,#8000 ld a,4 lutx1: ld (hl),b inc h ld (hl),d ; inc h ; ld (hl),e;we do not need in E? ; dec h dec h inc l ;or a rrc d dec a jr nz,lutx1 inc b ld a,l or a jr nz,lutx ;--roll lines------- ;DE=Y.X loop: ld b,#f5 wait: in a,(c) rra jr nc,wait v1:ld a,64 inc a ld (v1+1),a ld hl,#00B6 call plot_p v2:ld a,64-4 inc a ld (v2+1),a ;cpl;$2F ; and (hl);$A6 ld hl,#A62F call plot_p jr loop plot_p: ld (opcode),hl ; ld h,1 ld hl,0+256 ld b,a;64 plot: push bc push hl ld a,(hl) add a,64*2 ld e,a ld l,b ld a,(hl) add a,64 ld l,a;;d,a inc h;ld h,lutplot/256 ;ld l,d ld b,(hl) inc h ld a,(hl) inc h ld l,e add a,(hl);dispX jr nc,noh inc b noh: ld c,a inc h ld d,(hl);get bit ;-inc h ;-ld e,(hl) ld h,b ld l,c putpix: ld a,d opcode: or (hl);$b6 nop;00 ld (hl),a pop hl pop bc inc b inc l jr nz,plot ;ret ;wa ;jr wa abs: or a ret p neg ret ;.nline ld a,8 ; add h ; ld h,a ; and 64 ; ret nz ; ld bc,16304 ; sbc hl,bc ; ret unk_63A6: db #026 db #066 db #066 db #066 db #065 db #096 db #059 db #055 db #095 db #055 db #015 db #045 db #011 db #010 db #041 ; db 0

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