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Message de l'auteur :
Re-Released 16/6-1988 due to a CRTC bug. Multiface-II Protection.
First time I made splits and first time I discovered CRTC differences...
My CPC664 has HD6845sp (Yes - I still got it!), my friend O.E.W's CPC664, which I used for debugging the CRTC problem, had CRTC MC6845p. The bug wasn't related to the split used on the main screen with the Sentinel face. The bug was in the Copy-Chain part; it's not a split, even if it might look like it. When I made the part I didn't know how to do splits, so I use a mix of software and CRTC register 5 shift (H-sync width) for scrolling. The black areas are border, done by setting the screen width=0, this way I could have scroll in both top and bottom of the screen, and text in the middle, and still only use 16k for screen memory.

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