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Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464 (Collins 1984)
Here is a selection of 24 exciting, high-quality games written especially for the Amstrad and designed so the reader can create his own games using the Basic subroutines in the book.
Sixty Programs For The Amstrad CPC 464
Ce livre de 1984 regroupe 57 programmes.
Quick introduction about sprites and how to use them.
Super Jeux AMSTRAD - 50 programmes de jeux en BASIC (P.S.I. 1985)
50 super programmes de jeux d'adresse, de réflexion et de hasard vous proposent de maîtriser rapidement le BASIC de votre Amstrad CPC 464 ou 664.
Tape-Image (.CDT) file format
CDT Tape format fully explained.
The 32K screen
This document describes how the CRTC can be programmed so that it can display graphics from a range of 32k without.
The Amstrad Pentacle Adventure Creator (Interface 1985)
It's suddenly very easy to create your own adventures on the Amstrad. Just type in the PENTACLE program from this booklet, and then follow the simple instructions to create as many exciting, hard-to-solve adventures as you like.
The Amstrad Program Book (Phoenix Publishing Associates Ltd 1984)
To meet the demands of the Amstrad we have produced a wide ranging selection of programs to make full use of the colour, sound and speed available to you.
The Z80 microprocessor : Architecture, Interfacing, Programming, and Design (Macmillan 1988)
Microprocessor is a general purpose programmable logic device. It demands the concept and skills from two different disciplines : electronic hardware and programming. Each topics is covered in depth from basic concepts to industrial applications...
Timing information for writing to CRTC on CPC+
Some useful tips to understand and program CRTC registers.
Le support des transferts de cassettes à disquettes.
Z80 Assembly language programming
Z80 assembly language programming provides comprehensive coverage of the Z80 microprocessor assembly language. Programming examples illustrate assembly language usage. Assemblers and assembler directives are also explained.
Z80 Assembly Language Subroutines (Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1983)
Save valuable programming time with this collection of more than 40 useful subroutines. Each routine has been documented, tested and debugged, and is ready to use immediately.
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