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Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464 (Collins 1984)


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Auteur : Jim Gregory
Copyright Collins 1984
Prix public : £5.95



Here is a selection of 24 exciting, high-quality games written especially for the Amstrad and designed so the reader can create his own games using the Basic subroutines in the book.

All categories of games are included from the basic Maze Maniac to educational games such as Sum Fun. Each program is presented to appeal to all Amstrad owners no matter how old or young, whether you are completely new to computing or fairly experienced. A selection of useful routines is also given to help you modify the memory, create original graphics and develop your own programs. A reference section includes character codes, memory map, quick syntax checker and screen and char grid.

All the games make full of the Amstrad's facilities and are thoroughly tested and crash-proofed.






Techniques Used in the Programs


1. Marie Celeste

2. Please Sir

3. I Accuse

4. Star Trek

5. Rainbow Breakout

6. Maze Maniac

7. Duo Draughts

8. Chess Duel

9. Gustavus

10. Dice Derby

11. Snake Eyes

12. Craps

13. Pontoon

14. Hi-Lo

15. Concentration

16. Micro Mind

17. O'Grady Says

18. Parrot

19. Pick Man

20. Skippy

21. Kinkey Dong

22. Word Splash

23. Sum Fun

24. Today England

25. Character Builder

26. Picture Builder

27. Arnold Monitor

Final Words

Appendix 1 : Complete Amstrad Character Codes

Appendix 2 : Defined Character Design Aid

Appendix 3 : Screen Layout Planner

Appendix 4 : Amstrad Memory Map

Appendix 5 : Amstrad Colour Table

Appendix 6 : Quick Syntax Checker

Additional notes


Les listings saisis présents dans notre BDD :

Ahogado (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
El Maniaco Del Laberinto (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
Kinkey Dong (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
Maria Celeste (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
Parejas (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
Skippy (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
Star Trek (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip
Yo Acuso (S) (1984) [Sensational Games for the Amstrad CPC 464].zip


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